Why Us

If you are an HR executive today, you are more than likely concerned with finding ways to reduce labor burden, reduce liability, improve data security and budget for important HR projects.  Ensuring that your current HR professionals spend their time on strategic endeavors is a key to the growth of a company. The latest data breaches highlight the need for improved data security and process when dealing with sensitive data.

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  • The Best Value

  • Ability to automate your verification process for free and remove 100% of the labor burden associated with the process
  • Make HR a Profit Center with our monthly revenue share
  • No set-up, implementation or ongoing fees
  • Free employee portal 24/7 with visibility to all requests
  • The Best Data Security

  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption
  • Security protocols that eliminate file feeds and keep your data safe 24/7
  • Our operations center as well as our data facilities are SOC 2 certified annually. No selling or sharing of client data with any party outside of valid requesters.
  • Public facing web application firewalls coupled with deep penetration testing are the first layers of our multi-layer security architecture.
  • The Best Feature/Functionality

  • Real-time administrative visibility to all verification requests and output reports
  • Ability to co-brand the output reports with your corporate logo
  • Configurable earnings and output reporting to match your compensation model
  • Customer Satisfaction First

Vault Verify integration team and program managers collaborate with our clients to ensure a consistent and compliant verifications program that fits each client’s unique needs and challenges.

If you manage verifications in-house today, the labor burden and liability can cripple your HR department and prevent them from focusing on the more strategic areas of HR, like recruiting, training and development.

If you do outsource this function today, you need to be sure your data is secure and that you are maximizing the return from the program. Do you receive a monthly revenue check from your current vendor that allows you to budget for other projects? Are you receiving the level of support you expect? Are you still receiving calls seeking additional information/clarification?

If these areas are a concern for you today and you would like to create immediate ROI by outsourcing verifications of employment and income, you simply need to contact Vault Verify today. Vault Verify is the most technologically advanced company in the verification space today, employing the latest security protocols. Vault offers a highly configurable output report that eliminates follow up calls to HR, a free implementation using API integrations in most cases, and a monthly revenue share that turns HR into a profit center. And finally, there are no ongoing or monthly costs for Vault Verify, meaning the program generates immediate ROI for HR.

Click here to contact Vault Verify, LLC or email us at salessupport@vaultverify.com