Unemployment Claims Administration

Excellence in the industry, not only among our client companies and partners but also with state UI agencies.  Most unemployment service companies over the last few years have concentrated on employee documentation management only.   Our thoughts have been concentrated on proper employee documentation and policy consultation helping legally to protect our clients and having a direct effect on appealing and winning more unemployment claims which will reduce your unemployment tax costs. Compare our abilities to any other vendor:

One Point of Management

  • With small caseloads to handle UI claims from start to finish.
  • This results in seamless communication between all locations.
  • The development of a true strategy and a better understanding of your company culture and processes.
  • This model has been the key to our 98% retention rate.

First Response Claims Model

  • Extensive investigation of the claim and submission of the information in a timely fashion in accordance with unemployment legislation Section 252.
  • Reduces the number of claims that go to hearing.
  • Keeps your organization compliant and prevents state penalties and fines.
  • Our model has resulted in the highest contestable claims winning percentage in the industry of 97% and hearing winning percentage of 86%.


Real-Time Consultation, Handbook Review & Training

  • Consultation before a reprimand or termination occurs for documentation and procedure compliance.
  • Handbook and attendance policy review to identify obstacles to appealing and winning more UI claims.
  • Management training and better understanding of proper employee documentation, procedures, retention, and UI taxable wage reduction.

Annual Cost-Savings Road Map

  • Comparison reports of your tax rates and costs each year.
  • Includes common rating (specifically Ohio accounts) and voluntary UI tax payments.
  • Accounts that are not experiencing savings will be reviewed for improvement & training.