I9 Administration

If you are responsible for your company’s on-boarding and I-9 process, you probably understand the complexity of the process and ensuring that your company remains compliant. Paper processes are difficult to manage effectively and even more difficult at audit time. And not all electronic processes are created equal. At Vault Verify, our goal is to simplify and centralize the process for you and your company at a minimum of expense.

The Vault I-9 interface provides employers with a rich in-depth, simple to use electronic Form I-9 and automated E-Verify confirmation service.

The Vault I-9 interface automatically stores a full audit log detailing each associated user and employee action and will easily generate the information required in the event of an ICE audit. 

The Dashboard Navigation Pane allows users to begin a new Form I-9, complete the employer required Section 2, perform a Section 3 Re-verification and view pending or completed E-Verify confirmations (The E-Verify confirmation process is an employer elected feature that is configurable by each organization.) In addition, the Navigation Pane provides access to multiple report options and account control settings

We offer:

  • An electronic I-9/E-Verify solution that facilitates local and remote manager self-service promoting better compliance and efficiency.
  • Ensure form I-9 completion and accuracy with our fast, easy process that ensures consistency and removes redundancy.
  • Flexible work flows and permissions that work within your company's framework and workflows.
  • Built-in training and tutorials eliminate corporate training on I-9 and ensure that managers can do it right the first time.
  • Ability to integrate with on-boarding and recruiting platforms and HR systems of record.
  • Ability to import historical I-9 forms to provide a single system for all I-9 records.
  • Process compliant I-9s for remote hires without the need to meet in person, re-key data, or provide access to third parties.
  • Ability to view all records for your company with permission-based roles.
  • A cost effective platform to reduce your labor burden with Vault Verify I-9.

Intuitive Process Flow

The Vault I-9 dashboard provides authorized users with a convenient overview of each pending item relating to Form I-9, E-Verify and the Reverification process. A color-coded category design provides users with an urgency tracking system that draws attention to upcoming, current and past-due action requirements.




Interactive Forms


The Electronic Section 1 interface provides the new hire with an exact replica of the paper I-9 document. The electronic interface is designed to guide each new hire through the process of completing Section 1. Clickable links are displayed next to each Section 1 field, providing the new hire with guidance throughout the completion process. Multiple language options are available to new hires and may be selected at the top of each Section 1 page; with the simple click of a button, the Electronic Section 1 page will translate to the preferred language of the new hire.




The Electronic Section 2 interface displays an exact replica of the paper document. The electronic interface simplifies the completion process by automatically populating the new hire’s name, citizenship classification and the employer information. Employers may simply note the forms of identification provided by the new hire, upload copies for storage (if applicable) and provide an electronic signature to complete Section 2.