Automation of Employment and Employment and Income Verifications

Automation of Employment and Income Verifications

Today, regulations governing privacy, employee rights, personally identifiable information (PII), FCRA, HIPAA, and more have created a minefield of risk, liability and cost that HR departments must navigate.

Vault Verify was created by experienced HR industry executives with a vision. We saw a general need for flexibility – in terms of technology, communication and service delivery. Leveraging decades of experience in this space, Vault Verify has built a flexible, user-friendly and highly secure compliant platform designed to address these challenges head-on.

  • Technology with the flexibility to deliver a custom solution for each and every client.
  • Rigorous security to protect the sensitive client data.
  • Implementation methodology to maximize ease-of-integration with partner systems.
  • Flexible and secure communication options for data transmission including API utilization.
  • Variable processes to allow for customization to meet unique client needs.
  • Dedication to deliver the level of service deserved by our clientele.

The result - Vault Verify - automates the process of completing incoming requests for employment and income verification. We remove the burden associated with verifications. Vault Verify manages the complete process including all phone calls/faxes and any signed releases required for income verification.

Vault Verify has some very unique and beneficial features for our verification clients including:

Superior Functionality and Security

  • Ability to manage payroll feeds within an SFTP environment as well as API integration that only retrieves individually requested data from the client’s HRIS/ Payroll system.
  • FIPS 140-2 encryption
  • Audit process to ensure compliance within the operational and security layers. Let us show you what a secure organization looks like.

Dedicated Service and Implementation Personnel

  • Three tier service organization that provides named field level support, named internal service manager and executive sponsor.
  • No set-up, integration or ongoing fees.
  • Dedicated training personnel coupled with implementation guidance.

Generous revenue share creates HR budget for other systems and services

  • We help make HR a profit center and find budget for other HR projects.