About Us

Vault Verify was built by HR industry executives with over 75 years of solving HR challenges and creating efficiencies for HR departments. We have saved thousands of companies time and money while reducing liability by using innovative intuitive technology to offload labor burden in a secure compliant and effective manner.

Vault Verify assists public and private corporations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations by providing a flexible, accurate, and easy to use system for processing Employment and Income Verification requests for current and former employees. We’ve made it painless to get started with Vault Verify, so call us today for a free consultative session to determine the right process and corresponding ROI. Most of our clients go live within 2-3 weeks of starting implementation.

Regulations governing privacy, employee rights and personally identifiable information (PII) like CCPA, FCRA, HIPPA, GDPR and more, have created a virtual mine field of RISK, LIABILITY and COSTS which corporations and educational institutions must manage.

Partner with us today to Vault your company forward

Increase productivity by reducing responsibilities and workload. Several flexible options to choose from. Easy on boarding process. Seamless flexible integration capability. Let Vault Verify reduce your liability exposure.


Each and every verifier is credentialed prior to account activation. The verifiers are also required to provide permissible purpose under FCRA prior to requesting a search. We are CCPA, FCRA, GDPR, Privacy Shield and SOC compliant.

Customizable to fit your workflow

One size fits all does not work well for many companies. Vault Verify's intuitive technology was designed with flexibility in mind.

Customer Satisfaction First

99% client retention! At Vault Verify we believe that the road to customer satisfaction is superior service, professional personal assistance, and the delivery of solutions that benefit the client to the highest possible degree.

Reduce Liability

Let Vault Verify assist with implementing a compliant and secure Verification Process that will reduce your corporate liability.

Customer Service

Vault Verify receives accolades daily for our 100% USA based prompt, courteous service provided to every client.

No Hidden Fees

Vault Verify is free to clients and employees. We never charge a set-up, implementation or ongoing monthly fee for our service. Call us for a no-obligation proposal and ROI estimate for your business, and start driving a monthly revenue stream for your HR Department.